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How to install MFD into Passat with Double-Din (DD) Radio

August 31st, 2009 · No Comments

This installation is for all Passats (Sedan or Avant) with Double-Din radio ONLY (”Premuim 6″ in USA with or without Monsoon system, or “Delta 6″ in Europe).
1- Disconnect your Car battery by disconnecting the negative ground terminal from the battery, to prevent shock, or damage to you car.
1a- Remove the driver’s side fuse panel cover.
2- Unscrew the four bolts on the knee bolster. (There are 2 bolts at fuse panel, and 2 from below.)
3- Disconnect the wires (headlight switch, dimmer and OBDII connectors) so that you can remove the knee bolster completely.
4- Remove your Double-Din radio with the VW radio removal tools.
5- Place GPS antenna in a spot behind the instrument cluster. You can put the GPS antenna on the metal or any clear spot behind the cluster as long as the top is facing up. Run the wire from the GPS antenna towards the back of your MFD. Once it’s done, zip tie the remaining length of wire behind the steering wheel metal. Make sure your steering wheel can be moved easily all ways. Also, make sure you have enough length of GPS antenna wire in the back of your MFD. When you mount it you have to remember that the antenna needs an unobstructed view of as much of the sky as possible. And any metal will be an obstruction. The unit only needs 3 satellites for a 3D fix, but it can acquire up to 12. The more it can acquire the faster it gets a 3D fix when you come out of a tunnel or are in an urban canyon. The more satellites you acquire, the more accurate the position. What most forget is that the satellites are scattered around the sky, some overhead some low on the horizon (that’s why you can be inside a tunnel and still have a fix on one sat, it’s the one low on the horizon directly ahead of you).


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