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How to lubricate the rear axle of a 1994 Chevrolet Silverado 1500?

January 9th, 2011 · No Comments

- The banjo should have a plug on it, probably on the top. Just pull that plug (unscrew it) and add the appropriate amount of rear axle lubricant). Make sure you add the proper type of lubricant or you’ll really have a roar – for about a hundred miles, if your’re lucky – then you’ll have a seized rear end!
If there’s no plug, you’ll need to have the dealer do it because the rear end has to be separated, which means you’ll probably need at the very least a new gasket or seal installed as well as the lubricant.
- The axles are lubricated internally through the rear end housing. Gear grease is added to the fill point and this lubes the entire rear end and axles. If you are hearing a whining noise then you have either a bad bearing or another possibility would be uneven wear on one of your rear tires.
- The differential and the axles are internally lubricated. There is a fill plug on the differential housing. You fill this with SAE 90 until it overflows. If the rear end is howling you may have already damaged the bearings.
- If it is anything like my Chevy (1969) the differential has a plug in it and you just fill the differential with the correct lube (check users manual, I use 80w130) until it starts to dribble out the hole and put the plug back in. You really should check this and your transmission each time you change your oil when you lube all of your steering joints.

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