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How to remove the c/d radio player to install a new one on 2001 Nissan Altima?

December 22nd, 2010 · No Comments

I have gone online and all the instruction manuals I have found are those you have to buy. Any free ones out there?
Ans: doesn’t the shop which you buy the new set provide the service of removing the old and installing the new?
Leave it to the pro, as a mistake in the electrical connection may cause your car to mul-function.

- If you already have the new cd player directions should come with it. most mechanics would tell you how it’s done. But you just pop the faceplate off and take off the front of the cd player (the part with the buttons should pop off for security reasons) and then slide the old player out….. the wires will still be connected to you’ll be able to tell where to put the new wires.

- Do you have the new one with you?
There should be 2 “keys” in the package with it. Take part of the panel off or just the little “ring” that covers the front, depending on what it is. Then use the keys to remove the old stereo and unhook the wires and install the new one, no keys needed for this.

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