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How to remove water pump in a Cadillac brougham 1984?

December 26th, 2010 · No Comments

- Its on the front center of the motor. you need to remove the belts, the cooling fan (if it is not electric) and anything else in the way. Fairly simple job, its just there tends to be a lot in the way. Make sure to keep track of all bolts and where they go. I once saw the results of using a 4″ bolt in place of a 2″ on a water pump. when the idiot tried to start it, it wouldn’t turn over because fo the bolt going through a cylinder wall and blocking the piston from traveling up
- You have to take off all accessories belts that are in front of the water pump. It’s easier to take off the fan shroud but you don’t have to if you’re careful. Take out water pump bolts, making a chart of where they go and what they go through. Take out water pump and clean the block where it mounts. Use gasket and sealler on both sides of gasket. Put everything back together.

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