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How to siphon gas from a Chevrolet S-10?

January 4th, 2011 · No Comments

My S-10 is broke down, but it has a full tank of gas, which I don’t want to waste, so how would I go by siphoning the gas out of it, or does it have a anti-siphon thingamajig?

- there is no known thingamajig, just insert the hose, and make sure the end of the hose is lower than the hose that is in the tank, extinguish all smoking materials, etc. be careful not to suck too long, or you can get a mouthfull of gas. this is unpleasant, but not deadly. rinse your mouth out if this happens.
- They make siphon pumps. It has a sqeeze ball in the middle of a long hose. One end goes down the filler neck and the other into your gas container. They don’t cost more than $10 and you can get them in most auto departments.
- I don’t know the year of your rig, but one easy way to bypass the tank siphon method is to disconnect the fuel line at the carb, and run a hose from it to your gas-can, and then turn on the accessory on your ignition and allow the fuel pump to do all the work.

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