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How to what year Chevrolet custom deluxe 10 is?

January 3rd, 2011 · No Comments

- Hard to tell without seeing the truck, but the custom deluxe models were from 1970-1980 I think. take down the VIN number, then go to the 67-72 chevrolet site(its a forum for all years of chevy and gmc trucks). there you should be able to break down the vin to get the year, engine and transmission info, and even the day and plant where it was built.
- Look at the vehicle certifation lable located on the left front door pillar.
this will give you the year, tire size & other info.
- Check the din on your glove box door. Also theres a plate on the drivers side door that will tell you.
- If the vin has 17 digits, 10 from the left or 8 from the right will give the year.
- Should be on your compliance plate under the bonnet date and model

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