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JackRabbit Ford Explorer Sport Trac Installation Instructions

March 8th, 2010 · No Comments

The JackRabbit is designed to carry rainwater from the cover into the canister and then out through the drains. Most truck models have standard OE drain holes or plastic/rubber access ports in the front of the truck bed. Check to make sure your truck has the OE drain holes so that drilling into the sheet metal is not required. If drilling is necessary, be sure to check the underside of the truck bed for the best location. The holes should be located near the side and as far forward as possible. Use a drill bit suitable for sheet metal (such as a taper drill or step drill). Drill drain tube clearance holes at 3/4” (19mm). This will need to be done before installing the cover.

STEP 1: Remove Packaging Plywood & Hardware
Remove the canister from the box. Using the 3/8” wrench or socket remove the 2 bolts holding the plywood on the ends of the canister. Use Side Cut Pliers to cut handle retaining straps.
Discard Plywood Packaging And Bolts!
STEP 2: Positioning Canister
Remove the top cover from the canister box and set it aside for later installation. Perform a quick inventory to insure all parts are there. Be sure to check inside the small cardboard box for parts. Use the washers, lock washers and bolts provided and attach a front rail block to each side of the truck bed in the existing OE threaded holes approximately 4 inches from front of the truck bed. Place the Front Rail Block angled side down against the truck bed. Place the Front Rail Blocks so that the top is level with the bed rail, then tighten securely (Figure 2A) You will need one or two support pieces (We suggest using the top of the box the Jackrabbit was shipped in.) to set in the truck bed approximately one foot from the cab that will go under the canister, raising the top of the canister above the bed rails by 2-3 inches. Remove the Canister from the box and set it on the support(s) in the truck bed.

STEP 3: Installing Rails
Open the rail box along the length of the box; lift rails out to avoid scratching the rail surface on the package staples. REMOVE PROTECTIVE PAPER ON UNDERSIDE OF RAILS. THIS IS FOR PACKAGING PURPOSES ONLY. Install the rails by sliding them through the attached blanket guides on the canister, threading the blanket in the rails, and sliding the rails into the rail grips that are attached on the inside of the canister. Then slide the rails forward, towards the truck cab making sure that both of the rail grips are engaged. (Figure 3a) Secure the rail by installing the hardware (Bolt, Lock Washer, Flat Washer) through the Rail Grip Attachment and predrilled hole in the rail. Complete for both left and right rails.


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