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JET V-Force Power Control Module Installation Instructions

September 18th, 2009 · No Comments

1. Mounting the V-Force Computer
Using the supplied Velcro, locate the V-Force in a convenient location under the dash by removing the backing from the Velcro and pressing firmly to ensure a good contact.
TIP: Clean the mounting area with alcohol or another nonabrasive cleaner to ensure the Velcro adheres properly.
2. Disconnect the Negative Battery Cable
Locate the battery under the hood and remove the negative battery cable.
3. Connecting the V-Force + 12 V Power Connection (RED WIRE)
Locate the vehicles fuse box. It is normally located on the drivers side of the vehicle under the dash or in the driver’s side kick panel. Included in the V-Force installation parts you have two brass fuse adaptors. Depending on which type of fuses your vehicle uses, select the one that fits your type of fuse (early models use round fuses, late models use plastic integral fuses). Connect the fuse adaptor to a fuse for the +12V source that is only on when the key is in the on position. Connect the RED WIRE from the V-Force to the fuse adaptor you just installed.
TIP: Most vehicles have a spare location for accessories, this is a good source for power, but make sure it is only on when the key is in the on and run positions.
4. Routing the Wiring Harness:
The wiring harness must be routed through the firewall to reach under the hood. Under the dash near the location that you mounted the V-Force, locate an existing plug or wiring harness that goes out under the hood and route the V-Force wiring through the firewall.
TIP: Make sure the wiring harness does not interfere with any moving parts (i.e.: gas or brake pedal) or touch anything under the hood that produces excessive heat, such as the exhaust system.
5. Connecting the V-Force ground wire (BLACK WIRE)
Connect the Black Wire from the V-Force to a suitable ground point. Existing screws or nuts that are attached to metal are a good location for this purpose.
6. Connecting the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) Wire (BROWN WIRE)
Using the V-Force wiring pin out chart (pgs. 3 & 4) locate the correct wiring color and location of the TPS for your vehicle. After locating the TPS you will note that the TPS has THREE wires going to it. Crimp a RED scotchlock connector (this is the type that wraps around the wire and is then crimped closed to pierce the wire) to the wire color that matches the chart for your vehicle. Plug the BROWN WIRE from the V-Force into the scotchlock connector.
TIP: The TPS requires only a single wire. It will be necessary to pull this wire out of the black cable cover so the other wires will reach theMAP sensor.


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