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M10 Monitor/ Dual-Zone Controller Installation Guide

September 12th, 2009 · No Comments

The main unit requires adequate roof support and a relatively flat headliner. Before you begin installation, drop the dome light and partially drop the headliner, and verify that you have sufficient clearance and sufficient support from a roof beam. Inspect the vehicle roof and headliner area and consider the following questions.

- Does the vehicle have overhead climate controls? Does their location interfere with installation of the main unit?
- Is the dome light located where it would interfere with your installation of the unit? The main unit has built-in dome lights which connect to the existing vehicle domelight wiring, so it can replace the factory dome light.
- Does the vehicle headliner contour require using an optional Tall Trim Ring and modifying it? (Make sure you have the tools needed

Standard mounting. You will need to cut the headliner in order to create a path for the cables and to mount the bracket. Sometimes the headliner has enough contour that modifications to the included trim ring are needed. (If this contour is severe, you may need to use one of the optional tall trim rings.) It is critical to modify the trim ring when working with uneven surfaces, as the uneven pressure can cause various problems with the unit. The bracket will mount laterally and the mounting screws must be able to line up with the threaded standoffs on the bracket as shown.


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