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Magna Charger GM 5.7 1997-2003 Corvette Installation Manual

September 1st, 2010 · No Comments

Please take a few moments to review this manual thoroughly before you begin work, for a few reasons:
1. A quick parts check to make certain your kit is complete (See shipper parts list in this manual). If you discover shipping damage or shortage, please call our office immediately.
2. Take a look at exactly what you are going to need in terms of tools, time, and experience.
3. Review our limited warranty with care. When unpacking the supercharger kit DO NOT lift the supercharger
4. assembly by the black plastic bypass actuator. This is pre-set from the factory and can be altered if used as a lifting point!
1. Raise the vehicle on a automotive hoist using the factory recommended lift points. Refer to the owners manual or shop guide for these locations.
2. Remove the stock hood by disconnecting the hood lamp electrical connector, unclipping the small gas charged hood shocks and removing the four bolts with a 13mm socket wrench.
3. With a cool engine remove the radiator cap and drain the coolant into a clean drain pan for reuse later. (Be careful not to remove the radiator cap if the engine is still hot).
4. With a 8mm wrench disconnect the (-) negative battery cable. Make sure the cable is far enough away from the battery that it does not accidentally touch the battery and make connection during the installation. (Wrap negative cable connector with electrical tape)


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