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Mazda iPod Connection Adapter User’s Instructions

April 21st, 2010 · No Comments

The adapter is provided for connection of an iPod (with a Dock connector) to a genuine Mazda audio system. The iPod can be operated from a genuine Mazda audio system in the same way as an externally connected CD changer.
iPod models (software) which can be connected and used with the audio system are as follows:
• iPod (Video) software Ver. 1.0 or higher
• iPod (Color display) software Ver 1.0 or higher
• iPod nano software Ver. 1.1 or higher
• iPod Mini software Ver. 1.2 or higher
• iPod (Quickwheel) software Ver. 3.1 or higher
• iPod (Dock connector) software Ver 2.3 or higher The audio system does not support iPod shuffle

CAUTIONS when connecting the iPod
• When not in use, disconnect the iPod. The iPod has not been designed to withstand extreme temperature changes inside the vehicle and if left in the vehicle it could result in damage or battery depletion due to extreme high temperature or humidity.
• The iPod is not warranted against any possible loss of iPod data while connecting it to the audio system.
• If the iPod’s internal batteries have deteriorated, recharging and playback may not be possible even when connected to the audio system. Change the iPod internal batteries as soon as possible.
• When open/closing the glove compartment, be careful that the iPod connection cable does not become pinched.
• For more information on use of the iPod, refer to the instruction manual accompanying the iPod.


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