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Mazda Modular Diagnostic System User Guide

April 28th, 2010 · No Comments

IDS, Integrated Diagnostic Software, need followings to operate.
Laptop PC
- The laptop PC with IDS enables you to conduct diagnostic and service operations, such as self-testing, data logging, module programming, configuration, etc., by communicating with a vehicle through the VCM, Vehicle Communication Module, and cables.
- Do not take the VCM DVD out of the PC when the LED indicator light is flashing.
- The laptop PC communicates with the VCM through the PC USB-Ethernet host cable connected to the USB port.
- All the diagnostic information and vehicle data will be stored in the hard disc on the laptop PC.
- Set “Never” for the system standby and disable hibernation in Power Option in Control Panel to avoid unexpected miscommunications with VCM/vehicle.
- VCM is an interface to communicate with vehicles. Communication between the laptop PC and the vehicle is established by connecting the VCM to laptop PC with the PC USB-Ethernet host cable and to the vehicle with the vehicle designated DLC, data link cable.
- Do not use the VCM power pack, AC adapter, when VCM is connected to a vehicle. VCM power should be supplied from the vehicle DLC when it is used on a vehicle. If the AC adapter is connected to a cigarette lighter socket through an off the shelf DC-AC converter, grounds at the cigarette lighter socket and the DLC creates a roop and may result in VCM failures and communication errors between vehicle and VCM. The AC adapter should be used only when you confirm VCM software version and other cases that you use the VCM at the desk.
- VCM Status Indicator LEDs are located under a transparent PCMCIA slot cover and they show VCM operation status. Refer to the VCM operation manual for details.
- VCM software is included in periodically delivered VCM DVDs. VCM software is automatically updated when VCM is connected to the laptop PC with updated IDS software launched.
PC Ethernet-USB host cable
- A PC USB-Ethernet host cable is a cable that connects the laptop PC and the VCM. Connect the USB connector to the USB port and connect the other end to the VCM.
- Do not use a commercially available USB extension cables, adapters, or USB hubs. Using such items may reduce communication speed, or even cause miscommunication.
16-Pin Data Link Connector Cable
- A 16-pin data link connector cable is a diagnostic communication cable for vehicles equipped with diagnosis connector 2s, 16-pin diagnostic connector.
All the data needed for diagnosis and service are transferred among the vehicle, VCM and laptop PC through this cable.


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