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Mazda MX-5/Eunos Front/Rear anti-roll bar drop link Installation Instructions

November 7th, 2009 · No Comments

The drop link is fully rose-jointed and is a direct replacement for the original unit. Instead of using rubber bushes to provide the articulation, it uses two rod ends to provide smoother movement — and an end to regular bush replacement. NOTE: the front and rear drop links are identical and these fitting instructions cover both.

Removing the old drop links
• Jack up the front/rear of the car on both sides and support with axle stands. Both wheels need to be off the ground. It is essential to raise both sides to prevent the anti-roll bar (ARB) from becoming loaded — which would make the installation very difficult.
• Remove the road wheels to gain access to the drop link and ARB.
• Undo the top and bottom retaining nuts that hold the old drop link onto the ARB and wishbone. The nuts can be stubborn as thread lock is often used.
• With the nuts removed, the studs can be pushed through to free the old drop link. They can be quite stubborn and may need some persuasion, such as a pry bar or a blow from a hammer. Spraying with WD40 can also help.
• Repeat on the other side. Fitting the new drop links
• The length of the new drop link should be adjusted so that one of the mounting bolts will fit straight through the ARB mounting hole and the other will fit through the hole in the wishbone bracket. It is important to check that the bottom drop link jam nut is clear of the bracket.
• With the drop link in place, adjust its position to ensure that any misalignment is kept to a minimum. Spacers are included in the fitting kit and should be fitted either side of the rod ends. Washers have been supplied to allow the drop link to be spaced out at either end to achieve the best fit. Don’t be surprised if different combinations are needed on each side — some variation is quite normal. Some examples of using the washers as spacers are shown overleaf.
• Repeat the above process on the other side and again check the orientation. When you are satisfied with the position of the drop link, use the nyloc nuts to bolt the rod ends in place to the ARB and the wishbone. Now tighten the two jam nuts against the coloured rod to lock the rod ends in position. A drop of thread lock can be applied to ensure the nuts cannot move.

Now, check that the drop links do not catch on anything. If so, readjust the position. Before removing the axle stands and lowering the car, use a jack to move the lower wishbone up and down to check that everything is aligned and working correctly. Don’t forget to make sure that all the nuts and bolts are tight on both sides. Finally, the drop links need to be checked with the ARB under tension. This is extremely important as the fitting may look OK with no tension on the ARB but foul when the car starts to roll, especially when the suspension starts to hit bump stops. This final test is done by fitting the road wheels, removing the axle stands and then jacking one side up using the jack under the wishbone.


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