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Mercedes/Audi Radio Removal Tool

July 5th, 2009 · No Comments

All instructions assume a drivers seat vantage point. Caution is advised when removing and reassembling wood or plastic parts of a dash. Applying unnecessary force or pressure may cause a piece to crack or break.
Insert the two (2) radio removal tools into the slots on the face of the radio. NOTE: Make sure the two (2) notches on the removal tools are pointed inward on both the left and right sides. Insert the tools just far enough to feel and hear a click.
CAUTION: Some vehicles incorporate a anti-theft system built into the radios. If the radio is disconnected from its wiring harness it may require a special code for reprogramming the radio. This is in order for radio to function properly when re-installed. Make sure to find this information out, either from the customer or the manufacturer of the vehicle before disconnecting the wiring to the radio. Insert both index fingers into the rings in the removal tools and carefully pull toward you to remove the radio from its cavity. Follow the instructions that came with your Pro.Fit VSM TM to determine if you need to disconnect any wiring to complete your installation.
To remove the radio removal tool from the radio, press the small metal tabs on both the left and right sides of the radio with your finger while pulling the tool out. When the removal tools are out of the radio it is safe to slide the radio back into place.

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