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Miata Lo-Pro Headlight Instructions

October 29th, 2009 · No Comments

1. Install one Miata Lo-Pro Headlight con- version at a time starting with the Drivers side first. Please note that when “Right” or “Left” is mentioned, it is referenced from behind the steering wheel. With the headlights and the hood in the UP position remove the black plastic mask by removing the four phillips (cross) head retaining screws.
2. Next remove the four phillips (cross) head screws securing headlight cover and then the cover itself. Use care, as these screws will be very tight!
3. Unplug the electrical connector from the back of the headlight unit and remove the wiring anchor from the side of the headlight assembly.
4. Locate the headlight actuator motor behind each head light assembly. It is black in color and mounted in a vertical position. At the bottom and towards the outside of each motor is the actuator crank and link. The link will appear as a thin, dark green metal bar with white plastic ends that connect the headlight assembly to the actuator motor. Using a large flat blade screwdriver, separate the link from the crank by prying between the two until the white plastic end “pops” off the crank stud. Make sure to hold the headlight assembly, so that it doesn’t fall.
5. Using 10 and 12mm wrenches, remove the two pivot bolts and then remove the headlight assembly complete from the car.
6. With a felt tip pen, mark the end of the link that attaches to the headlight assembly, then remove the link from the assembly in the same manner as before.
7. Remove the Upper Headlight Stop and lock nut from the headlight assembly.
8. Now remove the factory upper bump stop. Locate the six spot welds holding the upper stop to its framework. Using a center punch, carefully find the center of each spot weld and punch a mark to start the drill. The four spot welds on the vertical part of the upper stop will be center punched and drilled from the front of the car, underneath the framework.
9. Once all six spot welds are center punched, drill a 1/8″ pilot hole through them. Then drill them out to 5/16″. If you are using Rotabroach you only have to drill through the first layer of sheet metal or if your using a regular drill you will drill all the way through.


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