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Mitsubishi Eclipse Grille Installation Instructions and Care Guide

October 2nd, 2009 · No Comments

Installation Procedure: There are two different methods to install this grill, method #1 is easier and requires no modifications to your car, however it is not as secure as method #2. The second method is more stable and less prone to move but requires drilling several holes in the plastic on your car and is a little more difficult to do. Which method you chose is up to you, but I should note that this member of the GrilleGuy staff uses the first method on his own Spyder GT.

Note: A 2000 GT with fog lights was used as the example for the center grille instructions.
Method #1 can be adapted for all eclipse model years listed at the top of the page. If you don’t feel comfortable adapting method #1 for your particular model eclipse, use method #2.
Method #2 is more secure and easily applies to all the models listed.

Method #1
Step 1 – Route three cable ties around the brackets (or similar anchor points) in front of the radiator as shown, do not tighten these, only engage the teeth in the cable tie by about one inch. These ties will serve as anchor points for the ties that actually hold the grill.
Step 2 – Test fit the grille insert by placing it inside the opening, shiny side out. The grille should conform to the center opening on the car and fit snugly. This will actually help provide support for the grille. Use a pencil or magic marker to mark the holes where you want to route the cable ties, corresponding to the support ties you just installed. These should be centered top to bottom, directly in front of the anchor ties.
Step 3 – Route a cable tie through an opening in the grille (from the back) and then through the front of the grille via an adjacent hole.
Step 4 – Wrap the cable tie thru the loop of the anchor tie. Now, complete the loop. Go ahead and push the cable tie “tail end” thru the back of the grille and out the front. This way you will be able to pull tight from the front side. Loosely fasten the cable ties, do not tighten at this point. Repeat steps 3 & 4 for all three loops.


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