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July 19th, 2010 · No Comments

The MSM-100K Cooling System Tester includes radiator adaptors (see figure 2) that will allow the unit to test the most commonly found radiator necks in the industry today. (Adaptors for other radiator necks are available through your CORNWELL TOOLS Distributor.)
WARNING: Wear appropriate eye protection when servicing a cooling system. Do not perform cooling system maintenance operations when the engine is HOT. Coolant temperature in the radiator of a pressurized cooling system can be much higher than the boiling point of the solution at atmospheric pressure. Removing the radiator cap while the system is hot may cause the coolant to boil instantly, spewing coolant over the engine, fenders, and persons nearby.
1. With the radiator cool, carefully remove the pressure cap from the radiator or service tank.
2. Check coolant level. Fill, if necessary, to recommended level in radiator.
3. Clean the inside of the filler neck, inspecting the sealing seats to be certain they are in good condition.
4. Check the overflow tube for dents or internal obstruction. Pressure released by the pressure cap during vehicle operation must pass through this tube. This tube must be cleared to avoid excessive pressure build up that may cause the radiator or some portions of the cooling system to burst.
5. Apply water to the rubber gasket of the tester head and attach to the filler neck.


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