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MSD Pro-Billet Dual Pickup Chevrolet V8 Distributor PN 8356

January 15th, 2011 · No Comments

The terminals of this Distributor require spark plug style terminals. You may need to change the terminals and boots of your wires. MSD offers two kits, PN 8849 or PN 8848, that are supplied with nine boots and terminals.
Note: If the gear is ever replaced, an MSD Gear is required for replacement due to the .500″ diameter shaft. PN 8531 is iron, PN 8471 is bronze.
Note: An MSD Ignition Control must be used with each pickup.
Before continuing with the installation, here are a few definitions you should be aware of:
Initial Timing: This is the base timing (also referred to as idle timing) of the engine before the centrifugal advance begins.
Centrifugal Advance: The centrifugal (or mechanical) advance mechanism is made up of weights, springs, advance cams, and an advance stop bushing. The amount and rate of advance that your distributor is capable of is determined by the centrifugal timing. If you ever wish to lock out the centrifugal advance, refer to the centrifugal advance section.
Total Timing: This  is  the  total  of  the  initial  timing  plus  the  centrifugal  advance  added  together. Example:  10° Initial + 25° centrifugal = 35° Total Timing. (When checking Total timing, disconnect  the vacuum canister and plug the vacuum source.)
Note: MSD Distributors are supplied with the heavy (slow) advance springs installed. This is to  prevent detonation in certain applications. Review the information on pages 2-4 to determine  the best advance curve for your application.


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