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Multimedia System for AUDI (HFC/AUDIB8) User Manual

May 3rd, 2011 · No Comments

MMS (Multimedia System) is a multifunctional and intellectualized and navigation Video Entertainment System, which is designed especially for AUDI A4Land A5 MMI system. It integrates intellectualized touch control Navigation, Bluetooth hand-free telecommunication, digital TV play, and DVD etc. The system takes use of the original car MMI system for the images and sound of the functions, retaining all the original car functions.
System Feature: The system, based on the technology architecture of SUMSANG, Microsoft platform and Uninew Software, has passed the special car design and test standard, to realize the intellectualized, professional and humanized operation.
System Functions
1. System Function
GPS Navigation, Bluetooth Hand-free, CMMB Digital TV, DVD Player
and Rearview system etc.
2. Navigation Function
According to the given destination, it makes out the best route and leads the user to the destination quickly by voice prompt and super definition image display.
3. DVD Player
Either multidisc or single disc can be equipped to play DVD or other secondary formats.
4. CMMB Digital TV(Optional)
Because of the uncertainty for mobile TV standard in China, CMMB
Digital TV system in different regions and different situations varies in the quantity and quality of images and voices of receiving TV channels. (If in future the state or local radio and television systems carry on parts of channels encryption, the digital TV equipment should be paid to replace).
5. Bluetooth Hand-free
Support the hand-free telecommunication by mobile phones with Bluetooth.
6. Rearview system
Super wide angle, Color number auxiliary line, Image distortion correction handling, Observe the rear of a vehicle situation when parking, Auxiliary driver safety, intuitive, quick parking
7. Full touch Control
Achieve MMS all the system functions through the touch control
8. Foreground/background Function
Realize the different images display on the front screen and back one, and the insulation of images and sound of navigation and entertainment to meet with different needs
9. Dual ways of operation
Take two operation ways like humanized touch screen, the back row one Infrared remote according to the needs.
10. Audio output
AV output port makes it easy for external display screen connection


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