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Nissan R35 GTR Front Mounted Intercooler Installation

March 1st, 2011 · No Comments

1. Position the car ideally on a 2 post lift, or jack it up using the middle jacking point under the engine and support on axle stands at the jacking points on the sills. Removing both front road wheels and arch liners may make installation easier but it’s not necessary.
2. Remove the 8 push in clips between the slam panel and the bumper and remove the trim from the car.
3. Pop the side repeaters out of the ends of the bumper by inserting a screwdriver behind them and levering out until the metal tab is released, then twist the bulb holder to remove the repeater.
4. Remove the 4 push in clips holding the bottom edge of the arch liner to the bumper, then pull back the edge of the liner from the bumper and undo the single 10mm bolt.
5. With the arch liner pulled out of the way, you will be able to easier access the other bolts holding the bumper to the wing. We found it easiest to use a long extension on a 3/8” drive to get onto the bolt.
6. Remove the rubber bungs along the front edge of the bumper (10), and the attached undertray (4 at the front, 3 at the rear). You’ll notice under the rubber that there is a small slot to enable you to use a small screwdriver to prise them out.
7. Remove the 10mm bolt under each bung. You’ll notice that the three bolts at the front of the attached undertray are 12mm, leave these until last. Support the weight of the undertray and remove the 12mm bolts then pull the undertray forwards to release it from the locating lugs at the back and remove it from the car.


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