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On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) Diagnostic Link Connector (DLC) Charts

May 16th, 2010 · No Comments

The Diagnostic Link Connector (DLC) Chart was developed from vehicle manufacturer
responses to EPA’s request for information under the Clean Air Act (CAA) Section 208.
Although we included a suggested format for the information response, not all of the
vehicle manufacturers followed this format and, therefore, some information is based
on best estimates If you find errors in this document, please notify the contact listed on
the EPA website.

Diagnostic Link Connector (DLC) Diagram
Cover Types
Some manufacturers use covers to protect the integrity of the connector pins and/or to prevent impact with
vehicle passengers in an accident. The following diagrams provide an example of some of the covers that
manufacturers have used. This does not include ashtrays, coin holders, cup holders, the dashboard itself, or
other similar items used to conceal the connector.


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