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On the Ring with Aston

July 29th, 2009 · No Comments

Hungarian sky is glooming at us,and it’s drizzling on Pannonia-Ring. So we all welcome that the first part of training is going to be on the plain among the lined clubs where the electronic stabilizing system of our Aston Martin DB9 first takes part in the uneven battle with 450 horsepower of the six-litre twelf-cylinder.Among the clubs,the car keeps the track superbly but when you step on the gas at start,the back begins to scorch and you take a pleasure that you’ve just done your first skidding with a car for several millions.However,shortly after this limbering-up we are moving to the ring and nobody can avoid accelerated pulse.Gentlemen,start your engines!

In the first rounds the instructor shows us the right track and we are passing the curves full of water without gas but then the radiator transmitting the instructions hushes and the racecourse is fully at our disposal.Beside our DB9 there are also two other Astons (2x V8 Vantage), Porsche Cayman S and Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX.The owner of the yellow Lamborghini Murciélago didn’t like the wet track right in the morning and so he became the first one in the row of fallers-out.

Fortunately,the in the beginning slightly tight fleet of luxurious sport cars rapidly pulls apart,so that we can start to try what a stylish gran turismo can do on the wet course.The ring is very technical and at the ascent from the curves the prevalence of the big engine power is apparent,as you can get from zero to one hundred in 4,9 seconds.

In front of us a small Cayman S keeps up gamely but his edgewise ride doesn’t pay off in the end and after several fast turns he ends up in a cowlick.In the next rounds, the one who also gives up is Lancer,whose worn tires don’t cope with the wet course any more,and its owner gives us his sad good-bye.As for me,my ride is still coming and right in the next round Martin from Allivictus team conveys the driver’s seat to me.His colleague Radim we must for the present leave in the rain in the aisle between boxes (sorry,Radim,but you are certainly steeled by Allivictus, so that a few rain drops cannot dislocate you) and we are hitting the course.

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