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Opel GT Conversion to 5 Speed Getrag Transmission

September 25th, 2010 · No Comments

Installation of the Transmission
In the last issue, I described the rebuilding of the shift linkage on GT-dimensions, or at least how I rebuilt it. It probably works for other applications. At first I thought about just moving the opening for the shifter, but that’s not likely to be the most surgically correct method and doesn’t help to keep the value of the car. It is not necessary, if you, as described in Part I, rebuild the shift linkage. It fits! That was my goal.
Installing the gearbox
The question was: Will the 5-speed bell-housing and transmission-unit, mate to the engine? In a section of the workshop literature it is represented that the GT engine and transmission must be removed as a unit. “Do you have to remove the engine to get the transmission installed?”. Maybe?
I couldn’t figure it out, so I asked around.
That now comes also into brooding,: Z. B. Starters, mechanisms etc Five-speed gearbox in the GT
Now with a bit of serious thought: IT IS POSSIBEL! I haven’t had any problems removing the original 4-speed and replacing it with the 5-speed.
First I had to remove the radiator. Then raise the GT off the ground approximately 60 cm (2 ft.) in the front and rear at the jack points. Not who over the suitable Decreed aids, should itself to this stable, high bucks and a hydraulic car - lifters lend. Drive shaft and gearshift levers develop, Speedometer-wave and reverse light-counters clamps. If the rear transmission cross-member is unbolted the transmission comes down in one piece. The problem is un-bolting the bell-housing. I used a super long extension with a universal joint for badly accessible bolted connections, starter mechanisms, etc.
It’s also necessary to check the oil level in the 5-speed transmission before installation. The inspection plug is a 17 mm Hex head socket screw. The Getrag 240 holds 1.5 liters (apprx. 3 pints) of gear oil. My transmission was a missing about 1 liter (2 pints). That would be embarrassing when trying to test drive.


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