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PowerMax Diesel Upgrade For Cummins Engines

December 15th, 2010 · No Comments

Prior to the PowerMax Kit installation, be sure that the vehicle is parked on a level surface and the engine is cool. Engine fluids and components can be extremely hot following normal vehicle operation. Avoid direct contact of engine fluids or components with your skin; may cause personal injury.
NOTE: It is recommended that the oil and oil filter are changed prior to installing the Garrett turbocharger. This will provide clean oil to the new turbocharger. To ensure optimal performance, always follow oil and filter change intervals per the Factory Service Manual.
The turbocharger comes with the actuator pre-calibrated for stock boost level. The actuator can be adjusted to achieve higher boost and each half turn of the actuator rod end will raise boost by approximately 1.5 psi. Increased boost places additional stress on the entire drivetrain. Excessive boost will lead to overspeed of the turbocharger, which is not covered by any warranty. Refer to spec sheet for maximum boost recommendations.
Installation Instructions:
1. Disconnect the negative terminal from both batteries.
2. Drain engine coolant according to the service manual.
3. Loosen the clamp on the compressor inlet hose and remove hose (Fig. 1). Leave the hose attached to the air filter housing.
4. Unclip the three clips on the top of the air filter housing and unplug the connector (Fig. 2). Remove the top of the air filter housing with the hose still attached and set aside.
5. Loosen the clamp at the compressor housing outlet (Fig. 3). This clamp will be reused.


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