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QM4/QI4 Engine Management System Installation

March 3rd, 2011 · No Comments

EMS Computer (black box)
The EMS Computer should be mounted away from the engine in a dry and vibration free environment e.g.: vehicle cabin. The EMS Computer should never be placed in the engine bay. Make sure the Intelligent interface socket (outlet) is easily accessible.
NOTE: If the Computer is to be used in a racing or off road environment it should be rubber mounted.
Wiring Loom
A 30mm dia hole has to be cut in the vehicle fire wall. Be careful that you do not cause any damage to existing wiring or ducting before cutting. When placing the wiring loom in the vehicle start at the engine bay side and only place the computer connections through the fire wall. Avoid other electrical wires especially high tension leads eg: coil and spark plug leads. Also make sure wires are not placed near exhaust manifold or piping. The Loom wires are all marked with their locations.
NOTE: Ground must go to engine block – engine must be well grounded to chassis.
Make sure the Water Temperature sensor is on the block side, not the radiator side of the thermostat. The Air Temperature sensor should be placed in the airflow stream of the engine’s intake. Try to avoid the intake manifold area so that heat soak (sensor absorbing radiated heat) is kept to a minimum. On Turbo engines the Air Temperature sensor should be mounted after any heat exchangers (intercooler) and be on the boost side of the turbo.


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