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Rebuilding your Maxima/200sx Calipers

November 13th, 2009 · No Comments

These instructions outline a simple procedure of replacing the main seals and dust boots on the 1982- 83 200sx or 1986-87 Maxima rear brake calipers. Most parts are interchangeable between the two calipers, including the pads, sliders, pistons, hardware, seals, anti-squeal shims, and brake lines. The mounting brackets, and the geometry of the E-brake arms is where the differences are. You will need to purchase two rear caliper rebuild kits for a 1986 Maxima, regardless of which style calipers you are rebuilding. These are available special order from most auto parts stores. From Autozone, the Brakware p/n is 66427.

1) Remove the outer dust boot. Pump the E- brake arm until the piston comes out. Inspect the outside of the piston for scratches or pitting, replace if necessary. Pistons from the maxima and 200sx calipers are interchangeable.
2) Remove the main seal with a pick or similar tool.
3) Clean out the bore of the caliper and install the new seal from the rebuild kit. Lubricate the sealing surface with a little brake fluid.
4) Slide the new dust boot on to the cleaned piston. Do not slide all the way on, just get the first lip started
5) Seat the lip of the dust boot into the groove on the inside of the bore of caliper. After the boot is seated in its groove, begin to push the caliper into the bore.
6) Using a set of needle nose pliers, push and turn (clockwise) the piston into the caliper bore. It will begin to thread onto the shaft inside the caliper. As you are pushing, make sure the dust boot is sliding up the caliper.
7) When the piston is almost completely in, make sure the rim of the dust boot is seated in the groove on the piston as shown.
8) Keep turning and pushing the piston in until it is fully inserted. Re-assemble the caliper and install the brake pads.


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