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RS-850 Remote Engine Starting System Installation Instructions

March 5th, 2011 · No Comments

To ease and reduce installation time, we suggest you READ THIS MANUAL and consider the following points before beginning your installation:
BEFORE BEGINNING, check all vehicle manufacturer cautions and warnings regarding electrical service (AIR BAGS, ABS BRAKES, ENGINE / BODY COMPUTER AND BATTERY).
PLAN OUT YOUR INSTALLATION and determine most suitable locations for all components to be placed. These components include: The module itself, valet/program button, possible extra relays, and antenna/receiver. DAMAGE resulting from incorrect installation or failure to follow guidelines stated in this book will not be covered under warranty and subject to repair or replacement charges.
USE A VOLT/OHM METER to test and locate all connections. Test Lights can damage a vehicle’s computer systems. ADDITIONAL PARTS, which are not included with this unit, may be needed for your particular vehicle. . These items may include extra relays (Part#CS-402A), and/or Anti-Theft System Bypass modules.
2 PIN PLUG-PROGRAM/OVERRIDE SWITCH: This switch is used for programming features, transmitters, and valet mode.
2 PIN PLUG-(OPTIONAL) LED: The LED is used as an indicator for Valet, Programming, and for use as security deterrent with the optional ANTI- GRIND/STARTER DISABLE feature installed. Mount in a visible location on the dash or in the console if desired.
Use these wires when the vehicle requires a second IGNITION or ACCESSORY circuit to be activated. This occurs on Toyota, late GM, and other models of vehicles. This wire is also used to activate ANTI-THEFT or TRANSPONDER Bypass Modules. Connect to the “ground when running” input of the bypass module.


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