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Small Block Chevrolet Hi-Tech Belt Drive Systems Instructions

February 2nd, 2011 · No Comments

The COMP Camsо Chevrolet belt drive system can be installed on an assembled engine. However, the installing mechanic should be prepared to remove the camshaft for the purpose of drive hub installation and end play adjustment.
Step 1: Disassemble the unit. It comes from the factory with several components assembled for protection during shipping. Unbolt the camshaft pulley from the drive flange and separate the flange from the cam hub. This is done by removing three 5/16 cap screw head bolts and using a drift punch or driver to separate the flange and hub (fig. 1). Remove the belt tensioner from the rear belt cover. Also, remove the camshaft endplay adjustment housing (three Allen bolts)
Step 2: Trial fit front cover to make sure it clears the block. Much detail has been given to fitment and most covers will not require modification. If required, use a die grinder or mill to remove excess material from cover and/or block. Take steps to prevent removed material from contaminating engine.
Step 3: Install front cover on engine using supplied gaskets and fasteners. Torque the front cover bolts to 7-10 ft lbs of torque.
Step 4: Install crank pulley on crankshaft snout. Lubricate the bore and seal area of the crank pulley with COMP Camsо pro cam lube, part # 152. Use COMPо part #4789 crank gear installation tool and #4920 harmonic balancer installation tool to press pulley onto snout or a section of 2-1/4″ o.d. x .375″ wall aluminum tubing (fig. 2) as a driver. Caution: Be certain that the crankshaft snout is not marred and that the crank hub seats squarely on the crank’s shoulder step.
Step 5: Ensure that the front face of the camshaft is clean and free of surface burrs. Any minor imperfections may be removed with a fine grit knife sharpening stone. Install cam hub on camshaft (you may need to tap into place using a plastic mallet, etc.). If needed, brace the camshaft by its bearing journals in a vise, being sure to pad the jaws with wood or plastic to prevent damage to the camshaft. Use supplied 5/16″ x 1″ cap screws to secure hub. Add a small amount of medium strength thread locking adhesive and tighten bolts to 18-22 ft lbs of torque.


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