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Small Block Chevrolet Oil Control Kit With Crank Shaft Wiper

January 20th, 2011 · No Comments

Moroso Crankshaft Wipers are designed so that they can be trimmed to fit the widest possible range of counter-weight, rod/stroke configurations. They are to be mounted to the starter side of the block only. The Moroso Crankshaft Wiper is engineered to clear assemblies down to 2.9 IN. of stroke using stock type rods. As the stroke is increased and /or larger rods used, the amount of material to be removed increases.
Do not be alarmed at the amount of grinding and trimming with shears which may be necessary to clear your particular assembly. We recommend.030” to .045” clearance around all moving components. After you have trimmed your wiper, be sure to smooth all edges to prevent all potential engine damage due to burrs vibrating off into the crankcase. Before final assembly, double check for clearance when the crankshaft is rotated a full 360 degrees. Be sure to account for “thrust end play” while checking for proper clearance.
After final fitting and deburring, cement the wiper to the block. You can use contact cement or weather-strip adhesive (An alternate method would be to use tiny flat head screws or pinning). Next, install the pan gaskets in the usual manner. Due to the slightly increased height on one side, Be sure to use a dab of silicone in the corners where the rubber ends meet the side rail gaskets.
1. Place the tray on the main cap studs with the louvers pointing away from the crankshaft. The Moroso part# will face the crankshaft
2. Secure the studs using washers and nuts (We recommend the use of a thread sealer such as Loctite or Nut-Loc.) We also recommend the use of our Part# 38230 main bearing cap stud kit.
3. When using this tray with the oil pump mounted directly to the main cap, no trimming is required.
4. When using this tray with the oil pump extension, trim windage tray to provide adequate clearance around extension block.
1. This baffle is designed to hold down surging oil during acceleration and will be a snug fit in the oil pan. Minor trimming may be necessary with certain oil pans. Some chevy H.P. crankshafts have large counter-weights which may scrape the large anti surge baffle. Reshaping or trimming the baffle will correct this.
2. The Oil Pan Baffle should be installed against the rear main bearing cap in all cases. Check carefully for fit and clearance before final assembly.
NOTE : Because the main bearing studs are wider on 400 CI engs. The holes will have to be oblonged to fit over them.


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