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Steering wheel on my bmw 316i n reg is sitting squint, how to staighten it?

February 1st, 2011 · No Comments

The front drivers side tyre was changed and 6 months prior to this the passanger side one was changed but the car was only driven a few hundred miles between tyres which makes me thinlk that the tread on the tyres aint an issue, it is sitting about 25-30 degrees out and as it has an airbag i don’t know how to go about sorting this.

- Don’t try to do this yourself, aligning the front wheels requires specialized, sensitive equipment to achieve the precise alignment specs required by the manufacturer, and besides, it doesn’t cost much (usually about 40 USD here in the States). Improper alignment can cause improper tire wear, tracking problems (as you already know), and evil handling characteristics.
- The correct way to get it sorted is to take the car to your local tyre garage. Ask then to re-set the alignment of the steering wheel. They will turn it straight and set the alignment back on the wheels.
- Adjust the track rod ends (out on one side and in on the other)
Move them equal turns on each side to maintain tracking.
The wheel should straighten a bit each 1/4 turn of the rod ends. (provided you are moving them in the right direction.
If you don’t know what track rod ends are, then take it to a service centre and have it done.

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