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SUBARU Coolant Overflow Tank

November 19th, 2010 · No Comments

Persons experienced in the installation and proper operation of Subaru engines and cooling systems should only perform installation of this part. Please read through all the instructions before performing the installation. WARNING: This part is designed, manufactured, and sold solely for use on off-road and racing vehicles not controlled by federal and or local emissions laws. It is not intended for use on vehicles that operate on public streets and highways. Use of this part on emissions controlled vehicles may be in violation of federal or local law! ASMC, LTD. is not responsible for any damages as a result of misuse of this part. Check your local laws prior to use or installation.
Installation for 02-05 WRX/Impreza/STI
Remove OEM coolant overflow tank by removing (2) 10mm bolts from top side where it connects to the radiator. NOTE:Take care in not spilling any coolant as this will be reused after PERRIN Coolant Overflow Tank is installed. Using 10mm wrenches, disconnect battery terminals and battery hold down bracket. Remove battery from car, as this will help with installation of Tank. When removing battery make sure to not touch anything metal across terminals as this will result in large sparks and potentially fire! The recommended location for the PERRIN Coolant Overflow tank is behind the driver’s side headlight where an M6 threaded hole is located. Before proceeding, test fit bolt into hole to ensure hole is free of debris and rust. Use penetrating oil or other rust prohibitor to help clear out if rusty. Using Supplied M8 Bolt and washer, bolt “C” shaped bracket to one of (2) holes on bottom of coolant tank. We recommend the centered hole as this will provide the best fit on most cars. The other hole can be used in cases where different headlights are used or other aftermarket parts are installed. Place tank over hole in chassis, and install M6bolt with washer through bracket into chassis. Tighten both M8 and M6 bolts to secure tank to chassis.


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