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1998-2009 Ford Ranger 4WD Superlift 4″ Lift System Installation

September 7th, 2010 · No Comments

Installation requires a professional mechanic. Prior to beginning, inspect the vehicles steering, driveline, and brake systems, paying close attention to the track bar, suspension link arms and bushings, anti-sway bars and bushings, tie rod ends, pitman arm, ball joints and wheel bearings. Also check the steering sector-to-frame and all suspension-to-frame attaching points for stress cracks. [...]

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1991 Infiniti G20 Axle Shafts – Front Removal & Installation

May 20th, 2010 · No Comments

Axle shafts transfer power from transaxle to drive wheels. Axle shafts consist of a shaft and flexible Constant
Velocity (CV) joint at each end. See Fig. 1 . Inner CV joint is splined to transaxle. Outer CV joint is splined to
hub assembly and secured by wheel bearing lock nut.
Inner CV joint is a plunging tripod joint. [...]

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Nissan & Tohatsu MasterGuard Hub Kit 13 Installation Instructions

November 14th, 2009 · No Comments

For Nissanо and Tohatsuо 40C, 40D, and 50D models: (Omit included #N513 and #NT6070 SPACERS. They are for 50C to 70B models.)
1) Make sure your OEM thrust washer is in place. Clean and grease the splines of the prop shaft. (Any marine grade grease is acceptable.)
2) Slide HUB ASSEMBLY into PROPELLER HOUSING from the front.
3) [...]

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