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USASPEC PA11-NIS Nissan iPod Interface Owner’s Manual

October 22nd, 2010 · No Comments

The interface connects iPod products directly to Nissan audio system. Its on-board software translates the factory radios external CD Changer controls functions into commands that the iPod understands. This interface enables the iPod to take the place of a Nissan external CD Changer and provides the following benefits:
1. Direct connection of the iPod to Nissan vehicle audio system for optimum sound quality
2. In Playlist mode: select songs and playlist on the iPod using the CD Changer buttons on the radio
In Direct Mode: Search and select songs directly on the iPod. (as you would in portable use)
3. Maintain current playlist when switching from portable use to in-car use.
4. Charge the iPod internal battery — and to prevent battery-drain, charging automatically ends one hour after iPod is paused
5. Auxiliary audio input [connect an audio device (mp3, DVD, Game, SAT radio etc) and listen to it on the factory system]
6. Plug-n-Play: This complete package includes installation cables, mounting screws and user’s manual.
The procedures for connecting and disconnecting the iPod to your PA11-NIS interface adapter are described in this section. Please follow these instructions to avoid connectivity problems or synchronizations errors between the iPod and Nissan radio. When the iPod is connected to the interface, the iPod’s screen will go blank for a few seconds before the normal screen returns. Press CD/AUX or (CD/CGH) button on the radio, the audio from the iPod will be played back at DISC 5 Track1. Adjust VOLUME, BASS, TREBLE etc as you normally do for the other programs sources on the radio. If for some reason you experience sound level to be too high and the music sounds distorted, you will need to turn “Sound Check” ON in iPod™ menu “Settings”.


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