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User Manual Honda B16/B18 Supercharger kit

November 14th, 2010 · No Comments

This manual is written for the Honda CRX 1991 (Euro, JDM) B16A1, but also applies to other Honda cars equipped with the B16/B18 engine. The manual consists of four parts:
- Installation manual
- Performance issues
- Tuning guide
- Engine building
Before you start installation
Take some engine bay pictures for later reference. Make a special drawing of all the coolant hoses going to the different parts of the stock intake, you will need this later on. The same goes for the vacuum hoses to the different parts of the intake. Mark the electrical connectors to the MAP sensor and TPS sensor. You will need this later on. Drain the engine coolant.
Removal of parts
Remove factory airbox and plastic intake hose.
Remove the throttle cable from the intake.
Remove all air and water hoses from the intake.
Remove all electrical connectors from the intake.
Remove the fuel pressure line and fuel return line from the fuel rail.
Remove the two bolts underneath the intake (intake bracket).
Remove all nuts holding the intake.
You should now be able to remove the intake.
Remove the plastic wiring clip from the intake bracket.
Bend down these metal wire holders to clear supercharger intake.
Oil system
The oil return drain plug is installed in the block. Unscrew the stock plug. Install the custom fitting using the stock sealing washer. The pressurized oil can be taken from the oil pressure sensor. Remove the sensor and fit a suitable fitting/hose/T-piece etc. in the same manner as a turbo kit uses. Another alternative is to use an adapter plate between the engine block and oil filter which has an oil outlet. Install a new oil filter.


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