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Vertex Electronic Distributor (2 Wire Unit with Ground) Installation Instructions

January 25th, 2011 · No Comments

This product is applicable to pre-1966 California and pre-1968 federally certified passenger cars. It is also applicable to non-emission controlled trucks and similar vehicles. It is not intended for use on any emission-controlled vehicles operated on highways or roadways, unless otherwise noted.
Old Distributor Removal:
Step 1-Disconnect the coil trigger wire coming from the distributor to the negative (-) side of the ignition coil at the coil terminal. Disconnect the wire supplying current to the positive side (+) of the ignition coil. There may be two wires on this terminal, one from the ballast resistor and one from the starter solenoid. The ballast resistor should have one wire left, the one to the ignition switch. Mark this wire for future reference. Remove the old ignition coil and ballast resistor, as they are no longer needed. Identify the ignition (spark plug) wire used to time the engine. It is usually #1 cylinder. Mark this wire location on the distributor housing and the distributor cap.
Step 2-Rotate the engine crankshaft in the direction of proper rotation until the timing mark on the harmonic balancer lines up with the indication on the timing tab for Top Dead Center (TDC).
Step 3-Remove the distributor cap (do not remove the spark plug wires from the old distributor yet) and observe the position of the rotor blade. The blade of the rotor should line up with the mark placed on the old distributor housing (step 1). If the blade is not lined up with the mark (180 degrees out) then repeat step 2 until the timing marks are aligned again. Once you have completed step 3, do not rotate the crankshaft again until the new distributor is correctly installed.


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