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Vertical Door Kits Installation Instructions

November 7th, 2009 · No Comments

1) Disconnect the battery.
2) Remove fender:
Remove all Phillip’s screws or fasteners from the wheel well. Usually you will have to remove bolts to loosen the bumper Remove all bolts from the bottom of the fender by the door. Remove bolts from the top of the fender. Usually you will have to remove (1) bolt holding the fender. At this point you should be able to remove the fender.
3) Remove the door catch:
Open the door and remove bolts from the body and from the door. Push the door catch inside the door.
You will need to remove the door panel to retrieve the door catch.
4) Usually you will need to more wire slack:
Remove foot trim, under it you will find wire harness use the fork to undo the wire harness and pull some wire. This will give you the necessary wire slack to fully open the new Vertical Doors Inc. system. Some times you will have to remove the door panel and speaker and gain the wire from inside the door cavity.
5) Close door and use painter’s tape to secure the door in preparation for factory hinge removal.


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