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Victor Jr. 23 Chevrolet Aluminum Cylinder Heads For Small Block Chevrolet V8s

December 30th, 2010 · No Comments

Victor Jr. 23º heads are designed for competition and ultra high-performance street small blocks and accept valve train hardware designed for standard 23º Chevrolet heads. They have a 550+ hp potential, out-of-the-box, for a cost effective, race-winning set-up. High-flow precision-cast 215cc intake runners offer excellent port alignment with Fel-Pro #1206 intake gaskets (recommended) without the need for port matching. These heads also feature .300” raise exhaust ports and 64cc or 70cc chambers with hardened, ductile iron valve seats and phosphor bronze guides. A 9/16” thick deck surface provides superior gasket retention. Valves are 1-piece, stainless steel high-quality construction.
Complete Victor Jr. 23º heads come with the following components: valve springs, stainless steel one-piece swirl-polished intake and exhaust valves with under-cut stems for increased flow and Viton metal jacket oil control seals. Bare cylinder heads will have valve guides and seats installed, but will require final guide sizing and a valve job to match the valves you will be using. They also require installation of valve springs, retainers and keepers that are compatible with the camshaft to be used.
ACCESSORIES: Although Edelbrock Cylinder Heads will accept some OEM components (valve covers, etc.), we highly recommend that premium quality hardware be used with your new heads. See our catalog for details. To order a catalog, call (800) FUN-TEAM.
Head Bolts or Studs: High quality head studs or head bolts with hardened washers, such as Edelbrock Head Bolt Kit #8550, ARP stud kit #234-4601, ARP bolt kit #434-3701, etc., must be used for proper gasket seal and to prevent galling of the aluminum bolt bosses.
Rocker Arms: Roller rocker arms and hardened pushrods must be used. rockers and valve covers and between pushrod and head.
Valve Covers: Edelbrock Victor Jr. heads accept standard small-block Chevrolet racing valve covers such as Edelbrock #4153, #4154, #4156, #4157, #4166, or #4167. These die-cast v alve covers are available polished or black, with or without breather tubes.
Intake Manifold: Although standard intake manifolds will fit, the Edelbrock Victor Jr. cylinder heads are matched in size and operating range with Edelbrock Jr. intake manifold #2975, Victor Jr. Port-Matched #2900, or Super Victor #2925. Fel-Pro intake manifold gasket #1206 is recommended. Apply Gasga-cinch Edelbrock #9300 to intake surface of heads, manifold, and both sides of intake gasket. Do not use cork or rubber end seals supplied with gaskets; instead, use RTV silicone sealer. Apply a ¼” bead along front and rear of block, overlapping gaskets at the four corners. Torque intake manifold bolts to 25 ft./lbs.
Exhaust Headers: Any header or manifold designed for standard bolt pattern. Exhaust ports are CNC-matched to Fel-Pro #1405 exhaust gaskets, which are recommended for this application. Be sure to check spark plug-to-header clearance before installation.


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