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What are the possibilities (turbos,superchargers, mods) for a Chevrolet Camaro RS engine: 3.1L V6?

January 5th, 2011 · No Comments

I have looked into twin turbos, which is were I would like to invest, but I could only dig up kits made for the v8 engine.. maybe a custom fix is the only possibility. If so, I could use any advice on how to go about that. Any personal ideas are also graciously welcome.
* The engine is stock except for new piston rings, clutch, and valve seals.

- I have never seen kit for 3.1 and twin turbos will be hard to make work hard to balance boost the 4 turbo cameros that i built were single turbo all were different size turbos and done on 3.4 and 3.8 made exhaust to and from turbo as well as intercoled one was carb easier on injected you need to figure out what if any other mods to engine and car do not go to high with compression as over heating and detection is a big problem turbo cars were fun to build and drive when done exactly what was done to engine list to long for this area but go read about turbos and how and why they work and email me you can install as big an engine as your wallet can handle 427 small ar 502 big etc or 575 etc

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